August 14, 2017

Paris, the most beautiful city in the world

"There are only two places in the world
where we can live happy:
at home and in Paris."
– Ernest Hemingway

"Paris is not a city
– it's a world." 
King François the I

Paris, France. July 2017.

We spent five days in Paris a few weeks ago, and we fell in love with it. The city was absolutely one of the most beautiful cities we have ever been to. All those beautiful french houses, cute little patisseries and cozy restaurants in every corner, fascinating gardens, art museums, book stores (Shakespeare and Company was our absolute favorite) and rambling streets... just the unique atmosphere of Paris was something really beautiful. We will definitely go back some day for a longer visit – maybe we will even move there.

July 13, 2017

Stockholm II

As promised, here are more pictures from Stockholm. I absolutely love these. Which one is your favorite? PS. We are going to Paris soon, so stay tuned for the pictures from the city of love.

– Iida

July 10, 2017

That summer feeling

Vaajakoski, Finland / July 2017
Models: Emmi and Vilma
Photos: Anna

It was a magical summer night. Four friends, warm and bright weather and a soft, beautiful light. Ahh, love it! We don't usually have photoshoots here in Vaajakoski (we always go at least to Jyväskylä) but the result of this one made us wonder why. So, note to self: you don't always have to go far to make something awesome. 

July 9, 2017

Let your smile shine

Jyväskylä Harbour, Finland. July 2017.
Model: Sini 

This photoshoot was full of laughter and sunshine. The Jyväskylä harbour is a really nice place on a sunny summer day. We had so much fun shooting these pictures and Anna and I are so glad how they turned out. This is what I love about photography!
– Iida